This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected by Novo Casa Realty and provided by the user regardless of its source.

1.1 How to contact Novo Casa Realty about privacy

Privacy is very important to Novo Casa Realty. For that reason, users are requested to read this Privacy Policy carefully and contact @realty if they have any questions, by either:
Telephone: +5999  686 0444
Email: info@novocasarealty.com

1.2 Definitions

In this Privacy Policy:
Application means the real estate data management application developed by, or in the process of being operated by Novo Casa Realty
Personal Information means information collected by, or on behalf of Novo Casa Realty about a person, and embodied in a record kept by Novo Casa Realty.
Users means the users of the Website and Software Platform.
Website means https://novocasarealty.com

1.3 Collection

(a) Novo Casa Realty’s aim is to collect Personal Information by only lawful and fair means. The Law requires Novo Casa Realty to collect Personal Information about Users only from the User if it is lawful and practical to do so.

(b) In addition, Novo Casa Realty may collect Personal Information:
(i) Via Users inputting Personal Information into the Website and/or Software Platform; and
(ii) If in the course of utilising the Software Platform, the User provides Novo Casa Realty with Personal Information, whether by entering the Personal Information directly into the Software Platform or through the collection of Personal Information from materials being stored or sent via the Software Platform.

1.4 Use of cookies

(a) Novo Casa Realty may automatically receive and record information on its server logs from the User’s browser, including the User’s IP address and cookie information.

(b) Novo Casa Realty may use cookies on the Website and in the Software Platform to improve the User experience, but would not associate the information gathered from the cookie with a User’s Personal Information other than:
(i) For the purposes of re-marketing and storing the content of a User’s profile; and
(ii) For improving a User’s Website and Software Platform experience.

(c) In all other respects a User’s Personal Information is not associated with, or linked to, information collected in cookies.

(d) If a User decides not to accept cookies from Novo Casa Realty, the User may experience a reduced User experience when visiting the Website and utilising the Software Platform.

1.5 Opting out

Users can unsubscribe to Novo Casa Realty’s marketing material by clicking on the functional unsubscribe facility contained in any non-direct email sent to them.

1.6 Purpose

The purpose for which Novo Casa Realty collects Personal Information is to provide Users with the best service possible. Generally, Users have no obligation to provide any Personal Information requested by Novo Casa Realty. However, if Users do not provide Novo Casa Realty with certain types of Personal Information, they may be unable to enjoy the full functionality of the Website and/or Software Platform.

1.7 Use and disclosure

The Law requires Novo Casa Realty to take reasonable steps to protect the security of Personal Information. Novo Casa Realty customarily discloses Personal Information only to service providers who assist Novo Casa Realty in providing the services to the Users. Users’ Personal Information will not be disclosed to any other third party, unless such disclosure is:

(a) Necessary as part of Novo Casa Realty’s dealing with the Users;

(b) Permitted by Law;

(c) With the User’s consent; or

(d) De-identified Personal Information disclosed to third parties.

1.8 Data quality

Novo Casa Realty will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Information Novo Casa Realty collects uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

1.9 Security

Novo Casa Realty will take reasonable steps to protect the Personal Information Novo Casa Realty holds from misuse and loss and from authorised access, modification or disclosure.

Further, Novo Casa Realty will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify Personal Information if it is no longer needed and subject to the requirements of any data retention clause that Novo Casa Realty may have in its Software Platform agreements.

1.10 Access and correction

The Law allows Users to get access to, and correct, the Personal Information Novo Casa Realty holds about them in certain circumstances. Users can obtain such access, by contacting Novo Casa Realty in relation to the details set out above.

1.11 Transfer out of Curacao

Novo Casa Realty may transfer all data on the Website and/or Software Platform (including Personal Information) to service provider(s), including Novo Casa Realty’s hosting service provider(s) who may or may not be located in Curacao. Users hereby consent to this transfer.

2.Terms & Conditions

Marketing expenses are payable in advance of the advertising campaign commencing:
If paying by credit card a 2% levy applies.
Discounted advertising rates apply under certain conditions.
Such rates revert to full rate if those conditions are not met.


3.Contact Page


+5999 686-0444


The service we provide is the organisation, and implementation of property marketing and sales campaigns.

5. Shipping / Delivery

Not applicable. Novo Casa Realty provides services only in return for fees.